Frequently Asked Questions

You can enrol on-line. Click on the “BOOK NOW” buttons on the class pages which will take you to the on-line booking page.

You can also contact Terrie on 0419 133 673 or email: with any questions.

If you have chosen Annual registration when you booked on-line, then your space will be reserved for the year. If you have enrolled just for the term, then you will need to re-enrol for the following term. You will be sent an e-mail before the end of each term, advising you when it’s time to re-enrol for the following term.

I am happy for the parents of children enrolled in the Fairy Floss Ballet classes to observe and to participate with the very young children if needed.  The ideal would be for children to participate without the need to visit their parents during the session as we are trying to establish some independence. Students in the 4 to 5yo class would be attending kindy at school and are used to participating in activities without their parents, so parents can stay and watch the class while your child participates in the action.   While parents are observing I must ask that they do so quietly, and that only one parent accompany their child.  Please remember that your child is enrolled to have as much fun and learning as possible and when there is a lot of noise this is not possible.  For Fairy Tale Ballet onward, it is my preference that parents wait at the back of the room, read a book, or go and do some shopping and collect their children at the end of class.  The Rossmoyne studio is very open plan and there is not a separate waiting room.

No, if you don’t have a uniform to start your child can wear something that is comfortable (i.e. leggings, top, bare feet) so they can move freely.  If they have a special outfit, please feel free to wear this.

We offer an introductory class. You are more than welcome to come along to a class and see if what we do suits your child.  If you and your child love the experience, then the first class is part of the term fee.  If not, there is no charge.

This becomes a very sensitive area.  I don’t mind if parents take pictures of their children during class time, but I do ask that you must check with the parents of the other children.  I usually find most people don’t have a problem with this, but everyone’s view needs to be respected and if there is someone that does not wish to have their child included in any photo’s, you must ensure that their child is not photographed.

Yes, we offer the experience of an end of year concert for students aged 5yo upward (Fairy Floss Ballet – Kindy classes) – it is the highlight of the year and the students LOVE this time of year. Participation in the concert is not compulsory. However, the concert is a wonderful experience for the children.

The length of the concert is about 1.5 hours, the children look like children on stage, and it is a very child friendly experience. Light make up is required for the younger students (they do not need fake tan or to wear wigs).